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A Gift For A Lifetime – The Ancient Wisdom of the Tarot

I would never have been able to envision teaching the Tarot to women on a journey of personal and spiritual growth, twenty years ago. However, what we might not be able to envision ourselves doing at one stage of our lives, can certainly change when we reach a different stage. This has proven to be the case for me.

Learning the Tarot was a path that led me into the depths of the very essence of who I am at a ‘soul’ level. It was like having a ‘spiritual mentor’ living with me who I could turn to for guidance and direction on any area of my life. If I was having difficulty with work, I would be shown things I might consider doing differently. If I was concerned about a person in my family or other relationship, I would be shown the truth of whatever I was perhaps not seeing clearly. Often the message from the cards would point out where I needed to change my attitude and look at things from a different perspective. Sometimes the messages I’d receive from the cards were quite gentle. At other times, the messages were quite direct and to the point – even blunt. But no matter what concern or particular question I had, I could always count on the message having my highest and best interests at heart. It was as if a kind and loving, compassionate being was gently guiding me through my life!

Learning the symbolism of the cards can be learned fairly easily but being able to intuitively understand each card’s personal meaning and significance in the context of the question being asked does involve a certain amount of practice.

The Tarot has been a true ‘gift’ in my life and has shown me how to connect to my Higher Self – something many of us could benefit from during these chaotic times in which we live!

Marilyn Buan

Marilyn Buan is a practitioner and instructor of  a variety of holistic and metaphysical workshops designed to bring out the potential of the human spirit.
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