The Empress Bridge, Kinesiology, Metaphysical Studies, Edmonton AB

What is The Empress Bridge?

As of 2017, almost five years after the end of the Mayan Calendar (December 21, 2012) our planet is in a state of chaos. As we look at what is happening in the world around us, never before has the future looked so bleak. How did we get here and what is it going to take to change what is going on?

The Empress Bridge is a symbol of the ‘bridge’ we must all eventually cross if we are going to heal ourselves and the planet we live on – our beautiful Mother Earth. Therefore the focus of The Empress Bridge is about:

I Healing and Transformation
II Aligning with our Soul’s Plan
III Global Awareness Discussion Groups
IV Guardians of Earth Divination (Certificate) Program


It’s doesn’t take much to observe the following tragedies taking place in our world:

  • Rampant diseases caused by the breakdown of our body’s ability to deal with the toxins in our food, air, water and environment
  • A complete lack of trust in big business and government as theft, fraud, cheating, lying, insider dark deals are occurring on a regular basis
  • More and more people are wondering how they will make a living in the future due to layoffs and jobless rates
  • Staggering student loans (that will take a lifetime to pay back) are failing to provide jobs for those who thought their education would provide them with a secure future
  • War, hunger, terrorism are threatening the lives of thousands of people and outbreaks of the flu, viruses and pandemics are becoming the norm
  • Nuclear disasters like Fukushima are spreading high levels of toxic radiation worldwide
  • Addiction to drugs is escalating and involves many of the youth today who are suffering from depression, and suicide in unprecedented numbers
  • Increased sexual violence and acts of perversion are growing more blatant in our society
  • Being on the verge of a world economic crisis

Many choose to turn away from looking at the dark story of Earth but this only locks us into deeper denial of the problems that exist and doesn’t help find solutions in the future for our children and grandchildren.


On a personal level, it is also easy to observe what is perhaps occurring in our own life and in the lives of those around us.

  • Few of us are living happy, healthy, fulfilling lives
  • Many people hate their jobs but cannot afford to leave because of the huge amount of debt they owe
  • Others are on medication to simple cope with their life and are in poor health generally
  • Still others are so addicted to electronics that real, person to person conversation has become a lost art.
  • Many parents feel they have lost the respect of their children and feel traditional values have become a thing of the past
  • Morality of the current generation leaves much to be desired as increased themes of sex and violence are passing as forms of entertainment in movies and on television everywhere

As a result, many people find themselves looking back, nostalgically, to more innocent times; when life felt safe, people trusted each other and lived a life that had meaning and value.

Those who have been on the path to higher consciousness are realizing that at some point in time, we have become disconnected from our soul and the result is the problems we are facing both individually and globally.

With these issues in mind, the following have become the focus of The Empress Bridge.


Dr. Edward Bach, known worldwide for his Bach Flower Remedies, believed that all disease is a result of a conflict between the personality and the soul. He therefore focused his work on healing this conflict using the flower essences he developed to enhance a person’s positive soul qualities.

With this in mind, the focus of The Empress Bridge healing sessions is also to restore balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of who we are.

Physical Body Focus – these sessions involve techniques that can assist the body on a physical level. This may include the elimination of parasites, bacteria and candida overgrowth using a ‘frequency generator’ and/or finding food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies. This can create a solid foundation from which to strengthen all our body systems, including our immune system, thereby improving our general physical health and wellbeing.

Emotional Body Focus – these sessions involve getting to the root cause of blocked energy in the emotional body that can be a result of fear, anxiety, depression and other debilitating emotions from this and other lifetimes.

When experienced over a period of time, unprocessed emotions can compromise feelings of self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-confidence which are needed if we are going to meet our goals and deal with our life’s challenges.

Mental Body Focus – these sessions involve getting to the root cause of blocked energy in the mental body as far as discovering and changing outdated belief systems and programs that could be sabotaging our efforts. They often involve creating an energetic balance between our brain and physical body. Without this integration being present, our life can feel overwhelmingly difficult and devoid of joy and meaning. Reaching and maintaining a state of health is just about impossible when there are blocks in the brain/body connection. It can also be a main contributing factor for children, teens and adults with learning difficulties including the ability to focus, reading comprehension, body co-ordination memory skills and test taking,

Spiritual Body Focus – These sessions almost always involve looking at specific life themes we have come into this lifetime to explore and heal. The following options can be chosen as complete sessions in themselves and/or combined with Kinesiology to improve feelings of self-empowerment and the ability to carry out our life purpose.

i) Astrological Chart:

Having our natal chart drawn up for the date, time and location of our birth can be a life changing experience as we learn about the many challenges our soul has brought into this lifetime to heal using our unique abilities.

ii) Soul Reading:

Based on our birth data, we can discover our physical and spiritual karmic blocks that may be preventing us from becoming aware of and doing our soul’s work.

iii) Spiritual Tarot:

This can help us connect with our Higher Self and shed much light on a specific question or problem we may be having and why. This can help us get to the root cause of a particular health concern or any other difficulty we may be having.


For those interested in the global issues affecting our world, attending monthly Discussion Groups can provide much learning and satisfaction in being able to meet with others of like-mind. (See Pleiadian Insights/Teachings Discussion Group under the What’s New section of the website)