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Astrology Consultations

Having our Astrology chart done can help us better understand ourselves in relationship to our soul lessons, karmic imprints and life purpose. It can be a life changing experience as we learn about the many challenges our soul has brought into this lifetime to heal. When we can come to terms with our relationships and life experiences from our soul’s perspective, we’ve reached a positive turning point in our life. For more information about arranging a consultation, contact or phone 780-434-8079.

Tarot Consultations

Receiving a Tarot Consultation can help us connect with our Higher Self and shed much light on a specific question or problem we may be having and why.  It can help us get to the root cause of a particular concern or difficulty whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually based.  For more information about arranging for this type of reading, contact or phone 780-434-8079.