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Spirit Alignment (Certificate) Program

Learn how to provide a complete 1 ½ hour session of gentle and soothing bodywork on another person.  Although the effects of receiving this type of session are similar to receiving an enhanced relaxation massage, the procedure and purpose for doing this are very different.  A Spirit Alignment session not only provides healing but also restores balance to the meridian and chakra systems of the body.

The session itself includes learning a variety of techniques and different modalities blended together.  The end result is a complete release of body tension, the elimination of mind chatter, and a profound sense of peace and physical relaxation as a person experiences being more connected to their inner being or essence.

This program is ideal for massage therapists, experienced holistic practitioners or those looking to start their own practice offering this type of healing experience to others.

If you are interested in learning more about this training and are able to commit to one day per week from September through December 2018, please contact for more information.

Healing with the Tarot

Healing with the Tarot (Part I) is a series of classes designed to give you greater insight into yourself and your life experiences.  Each card’s meaning will be covered in-depth (including its astrological significance) along with the understanding that the cards are a type of sacred language that can be used to communicate with your Higher Self.  This is the part of you that ‘knows’ why you are here and what your Soul hoped to accomplish by incarnating at this important juncture of Earth’s history

You can peek into your Soul’s journey by understanding your Birth Signature which is based on the date we were born and the name provided to you at your birth.  These two pieces of information were not random but precisely designed to create the kind of life experiences that you needed to grow and evolve in this lifetime.

Through the course of this class, you will identify what these experiences are including any talents you have brought with you to help overcome and work through your Soul lessons.  You will be shown how to calculate a Life Cycles chart for yourself from your date of birth onward showing the most likely years these challenges will surface in your life.

You will learn how to ask questions and use specific layouts to find answers.  You will also use the cards to do a Soul Reading on yourself.

Upon completion of this class, you will take with you a more thorough understanding of who you are at a Soul level and be able to connect with your Higher Self when you would like help with a decision, for insight into a particular problem or to simply ask for guidance.

* This class will be offered on one Saturday per month starting in October 2018 for six months.

Healing with the Tarot (Part II) is the follow-up class for those interested in taking their knowledge of the Tarot to a higher level. You will learn a variety of healing techniques based on natural therapies that can be used on yourself or others.
You will learn:

  • How to identify the priority area in your life needing attention
  • Releasing emotions that are creating energy blockages in your body
  • How to work with age recession techniques
  • How to work through four levels of healing including:
  • How to assist the healing process by balancing the chakras using vibrational therapies (flower essences, essential oils, colour, sound, crystals and gemstones)
  • How to work with a pendulum to locate imbalances


What Other Students have said about the Spirit of the Tarot Classes ...

Spirit of the Tarot is an amazing voyage of self-discovery. It truly helps you to get to the heart of who you are, why things are happening in your life and the lessons you are here to learn. Marilyn teaches you to use the cards as a tool for personal introspection and she presents the Tarot in a very positive way.  A must for anyone on their path to enlightenment.


Tarot has helped me find myself.  I am walking further and further down my own path. I talk about Tarot to anyone and everyone I meet and have found that people are not shocked as I thought they would be, but say things like, ‘oh, my sister does tarot’ or wow, would you read a card for me?” Bottom line, Tarot’s time has come. It is no longer taboo, I think the Gypsy Archetype is gone.


If you really want to gain an understanding of the tarot cards, this is the course to take! With each class, the exercises allowed us to see the cards in a different way and develop an appreciation for each of their meanings. Previously, I found that reading a meaning in a book was often unclear, confusing or hard to figure out, so I especially appreciated having Marilyn’s experience as reference as well as her guidance in learning different methods to interpret a card or spread. It was fun to learn together in a group and see how a card may mean something different to each of us as individuals. It was also fun to hear about others’ experiences and ‘lightbulb’ moments! 

As well, I liked that the focus of the course was not to ‘predict’ the future but to help us with day-to-day stuff. The answers are already within us and sometimes we just need a helpful tool to recognize or see them from another perspective. Thank you Marilyn for this illuminating journey.

Lynne L.

Firstly, thank you Marilyn for teaching this course. While it sometimes felt like I was drowning in information, in the long fun it has been an enlightening and very informative (not to mention entertaining) six months.  Unexpectedly what I have learned most about is …..myself!  Doing the exercises you suggested and playing with the cards has been a real eye opener for me. It is amazing that the cards you draw have so much relevance to your daily challenges and frustrations. I know that I will continue to read and learn down the road? If there is a Part II, sign me up!


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